Extreme Crane Lube Works Better Than Grease!

Extreme Crane Lube

Extreme Crane Lube AEROSOLS
Extreme Crane Lube : 5-Gallon Pail

Easy Application
Faster Application Times
Less Setup and Cleanup Time
No Expensive Spray Equipment Needed
No Use of Rollers or Brushes to Apply
Spray-able In Sub Zero Temperatures & High Heat
All Season Performance
Extremely Water Proof
Creates a Rust Proof Coating
Lubricates Extremely Well
Won't Dry Out
Long Lasting


Use Extreme Crane Lube to achieve faster application times with less mess, less clean up, and without the use of expensive equipment.  Grab a sprayer or aerosol can & go!  Users notice 5-7 times the Labor Savings compared to traditional methods.


Extreme Crane Lube can easily be applied by spraying on 1 coat that won't run or drip, even when heavily applied. Unlike other products that need to be rolled or brushed on when it starts to get cold, Extreme Crane Lube can be applied in both sub zero temperatures and hot dry conditions.  All Season Performance.


A special blend of extreme pressure additives, R/O inhibitors, and PTFE, gives Extreme Crane Lube the ability to outperform other products. With it's powerful lubricating film having an 800 kg Weld Point, its more than strong!


Extreme Crane Lube is approved & preferred by users who own, maintain, and operate equipment made by Manitowoc, GROVE, LIEBHERR, TADANO, TEREX, XCMG, SANY, KOBELCO, GEHL, MANITOU, Manitex, National, and many others.


Meets and exceeds OEM Specifications for Proper Boom Lubrication.


Use Extreme Power Clean to easily remove.


For Industrial, Commercial & Professional Use Only.

How It Works...

Shake Container of Extreme Crane Lube for about 10 seconds before using.
Pour contents into a sprayer of your choice. Pump to desired pressure, and you are ready to spray.
Apply 1 -2 coats on all sliding surfaces evenly and let it setup & get sticky before scoping inward.

That's It!


  • 300 TON Crane (40 minutes)

  • 40 TON Crane ( 5 minutes or less)

  • Applies as a liquid that wont run or drip, and quickly sets up into a semi solid lubricant. 



AVG. COVERAGE : Results vary depending on size of equipment and how many sections there are.

  • 250 - 350 + TON Crane Avg. Use:  2.5-Gallons to 3-Gallons.

  • 150 - 200 TON Crane Avg. Use: 1.5 to 2 Gallons Depending on how many telescopic sections.

  • 60 - 100  TON Crane Avg. Use: 1 to 1.5 Gallons

  • 20 - 50 TON Crane Avg.  1/2 gal to 1 Gallon.

  • Anything smaller, 1/4 to 1/2 - Gallon.


On Boom Trucks & Telehandlers, 100ft of boom will take 1 or 2 Aerosol Cans.

Bulk spray is 3 to 5 times faster to apply than Aerosol Cans.

The use of a Wand allows you to reach further away wear sections when applying from the ground or when using a mobile lift to apply.


Extreme Crane Lube is the preferred extreme pressure boom lubricant of choice. It outlasts, and outperforms other greases and lubricants that use Moly Powder, (molybdenum).  Extreme Crane Lube helps wear pads last longer, creates less stress on hydraulic systems, simplifies scheduled maintenance, and keeps equipment running smoothly in any environment. Maximize the lifespan of your equipment with Extreme Crane Lube.
- "Crane Operators and Service Managers Love Using This System!" -


  • Easier Application
  • Faster Applications times

  • Less Setup & Cleanup Time - No hoses to drag out our roll back up
  • No using rollers or brushes to apply
  • All Season Performance - Hot or Cold
  • Lasts twice as long in harsh weather and conditions vs greases that washes or dries out.
  • Doesn’t Freeze and can be applied in sub-zero temperatures
  • Doesn’t Scrape Off, Run, or Drip
  • Extremely Water Proof
  • Is NOT made with Moly Powder (molybdenum) which causes your lubricant to dry out, and “Cake Up.”  Major problem in the crane industry.
  • No expensive equipment needed to spray the product - Just a simple pump sprayer
  • Self sufficient application. No additional power supply needed to lube the boom, for example; Gasoline/Diesel for a Generator that runs a Compressor, that powers a Spray Gun. (AKA – THE OTHER GUYS)
  • No setup time or other equipment needed.  Grab your sprayer and GO!


Telescopic Cranes - Telehandlers - Aerial Lifts - Fork Lifts - Crawlers - Booms - Boom Trucks - 5th Wheel Plates - Slow Moving Chains - Cables - Open Gears - Pins and Bushings
The Best Sprayers for Extreme Crane Lube and Boom Maintenance
Extreme Crane Lube - How To Use CHAPIN Pump Sprayers


  • The "Fan Nozzle" works best for Large Equipment. 
    Can be used on any CHAPIN Sprayer.

  • The "Adjustable cone nozzle is better for smaller equipment. 
    Can be used on any CHAPIN Sprayer.


CLICK HERE to view a troubleshooting page for Pump Sprayers.  Has useful tips and Part #'s with links.

What Customers Are Saying!

"Extreme Crane Lube costs much less to use than other top brand products. Because of the application speed and longevity, the savings in labor more than pays for the product."
"The Cranes boom sections telescope better with less resistance. The hydraulic system works much easier, and the boom sections can now telescope in at lower angles than before without "chatter or stick slip"
"1 applicaton of Extreme Crane Lube lasted over 2 times longer compared to other lubricants that dried out. We have way less maintenance because of this system!"
Extreme Crane Lube - The Best In Boom Maintenance!
"No Scrape Off or excess material falling on the ground when using Extreme Crane Lube. No more grease piles falling on the equipment or job site!"
Extreme Crane Lube - Advanced Spray System
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